Blood Direct PCR Kit

This kit adopts a genetically engineered anti-inhibitor DNA polymerase to efficiently amplify single-copy genes in the human genome. The well optimized buffer system in this kit helps the polymerase strongly resist the inhibition of PCR inhibitors, thus can directly amplify DNA using blood and cultured cells as templates. This product is easy to operate and does not require complicated steps such as DNA purification or sample pretreatment. This kit is provided as 2×MasterMix, and the reaction can be performed by simply adding the blood template and corresponding detection primers. It can be applied on the cultured cells of mammals such as humans, mice, pigs, cattle and other species, as well as fresh or 4℃ cryopreserved whole blood, anticoagulant (EDTA, citrate, heparin), liquefied blood clots and dry blood spots stored on Whatman 903 and FTA Elute commercial cards.
Cat. No Packing Size
4992529 20 µl×100 rxn
4992530 20 µl×500 rxn

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■ Simple and fast: PCR amplification can be directly performed using blood as template, without the need for the tedious steps of sample preparation and DNA extraction. ■ High purity: The skip of sample pre-treatment and DNA extraction steps can help to avoid the cross-contamination of samples. ■ High throughput: The PCR identification for large-scale samples can be performed by combining the kit with 96/384-well PCR plates. ■ Strong universality: This kit can efficiently amplify high GC fragments or fragments with complex secondary structure, and the amplification length can be up to 5 kb. ■ Strong stress resistance: This kit can be applied for various species and blood samples preserved in different ways.


The PCR products of this kit contains "A" at the 3'-end, which can be directly used for TA vector cloning. This kit can be used for the amplification of genomic DNA fragments, high-throughput genetic analysis and genotyping (such as gene detection) analysis.

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