FastFire qPCR PreMix (SYBR Green)

FastFire qPCR PreMix uses antibody modified Anti Taq DNA polymerase and a unique fast PCR Buffer system to ensure sensitive and qPCR reaction on all Real-Time PCR instruments. It has the characteristics of fast reaction, with 60% shorter PCR reaction time, high amplification efficiency, high amplification specificity and wide credible range, enabling faster result collection without affecting PCR effect.
Cat. No Packing Size
4992217 20 µl×125 rxn
4992249 20 µl×5000 rxn
4992218 20 µl×500 rxn

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■ Fastest: Antibody modified Anti Taq DNA polymerase, cooperating with unique fast Buffer system, saving up to 60% of reaction time and becoming the fastest SYBR Green reagent on the market at present. ■ Strong amplification capability: Strong amplification fluorescence signal, more accurate and credible results. ■ Good stability: A unique PCR stabilizer and enhancer is added to Buffer, making the result more stable, repeatable, accurate and credible. ■ Widely applicable: It is not only suitable for fast real time PCR instruments, but also suitable for common real time PCR instruments. ■ ROX correction: ROX dye is packaged separately, which is more flexible to use and can ensure more accurate results.


Type: Antibody-modified hot-start DNA polymerase, SYBR Green I Operation time: ~30 min Applications: Dye-based qPCR for gene detection on DNA or relative expression analysis on cDNA samples from various species  

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