GMO Crop Extraction & Amplification Kit

The GMO Crop Extraction & Amplification Kit is specifically developed for PCR detection of GMO crops. The unique lysis buffer contained in Part A of the kit can specifically lyse the tissues of the main crops——wheat, corn, rice, cotton and soybean, to release related components such as nucleic acids and proteins. The phenol/chloroform extraction combined with the specific RNase can purify high-purity genomic DNA with no impurities such as RNA, protein and metal ions. The purified DNA can be applied in subsequent PCR detection. Part B of the kit is a two-component simple PCR reaction system containing 2×GMO PCR Buffer and GMO DNA Polymerase. GMO DNA Polymerase is a thermostable polymerase modified with antibodies. The 2×GMO PCR Buffer contains various components such as MgCl2, dNTPs, PCR reaction stabilizer, optimizer and enhancer at a concentration of 2×GMO. It has the advantages of fast and simple operation, high sensitivity, strong specificity, good stability, etc. It can be used in combination with Part A for GMO crop transgenic PCR detection.
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4992905 200 rxn

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■ Wide applicability: This kit can extract high quality genomic DNA from five major GMO crops. ■ Simple and fast: GMO crop genomic DNA extraction can be completed within 2 hours. No need for large refrigerated centrifuges, low requirements for instruments and equipment. Suitable for rapid genomic DNA extraction of GMO crops at all levels of research institutions. ■ High efficiency and specificity: The unique buffer of the antibody-modified Taq polymerase ensures efficient polymerase amplification, which is more specific than normal Taq polymerase.


The kit can extract high quality genomic DNA from major GMO crops such as wheat, corn, rice, cotton and soybean, and perform transgenic PCR detection on GMO crops.

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