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Discover the power of our Magnetic Serum/Plasma DNA Maxi Kit. As a factory, we pride ourselves in producing innovative solutions for research. Shop now. #MagneticSerumDNA #PlasmaDNAMaxiKit #ResearchSolutions

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As a factory producing the Magnetic Serum/Plasma DNA Maxi Kit, we are proud to offer a highly efficient and reliable kit for the isolation of high-quality DNA from serum or plasma samples. This kit utilizes magnetic bead-based technology for quick and easy purification of DNA, which is crucial for downstream applications such as PCR, qPCR, and SNP genotyping. The optimized protocol ensures high yields of pure DNA, without the need for organic extractions or time-consuming column-based methods. Our Magnetic Serum/Plasma DNA Maxi Kit is simple to use and provides DNA of exceptional quality, making it ideal for research and clinical applications.

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