Raw Materials

For different methods and applications of DNA/RNA purification, TIANGEN also provide high-efficiency enzymes and magnetic beads, columns with silicon based membrane, and other reagent and buffer used in DNA/RNA purification. We strictly selected the suppliers and keep the stable quality to all raw materials.

Products Details


Cat. no. Product name Packing size
MG102 MagAttact Suspension E 1ml
RT403-01 Proteinase K(20 mg/ml) 500 μl
RT403-02 Proteinase K(20 mg/ml) 5 ml
RT411 RNase-Free DNase I 50 preps
RT410-02 Lyticase(10 U/μl) 3000 U
RT405-12 RNaseA (10 mg/ml) 1 ml


Cat. no. Product name Packing size
RK173 RNase-Free Columns CR1 set 50

Related Reagent

Cat. no. Product name Packing size
DP418 RNasin 30 μl
RT120-01 Deionized Water 100 ml
RT120-02 Deionized Water 500 ml
RT121-01 DNase/RNase-Free Deionized Water 5×5 ml
RT121-02 DNase/RNase-Free Deionized Water 100 ml
RT122-01 Red Cell Lysis Buffer 100 ml
RT122-02 Red Cell Lysis Buffer 250 ml
RT416-02 Carrier RNA 310 μg

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