RNAprep Pure Hi-Blood Kit

The RNAprep Pure Hi-Blood Kit efficiently extracts total RNA from fresh whole blood and blood with multiple anticoagulants from different species. The silicon matrix material used in the adsorption column is a unique new material developed by TIANGEN, which efficiently and specifically adsorbs RNA, and removes impurity proteins to the utmost extent. The extracted RNA can be used in various downstream experiments such as RT-PCR, RT-qPCR, chip analysis, high-throughput sequencing, Northern Blot, Dot Blot, PolyA screening, in vitro translation, RNase protection analysis, molecular cloning, etc.
Cat. No Packing Size
4992903 50 preps

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■ Suitable for fresh whole blood of different species, easy to operate. ■ Equipped with RNase-Free Filtration Column CS to effectively remove impurities. ■ The specifically formulated buffer can ensure efficient and stable RNA extraction for a variety of downstream experiments. ■ Safe and reliable operation, no phenol/chloroform extraction required.


RT-PCR, Northern Blot, RT-qPCR, chip analysis, high-throughput sequencing, PolyA screening, RNase protection analysis, in vitro translation, etc.

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