TGet Electronic Pipette

TGet Electronic Pipette can automatically transfer liquid based on the principle of air piston replacement. It can reduce the risk of manual pipetting error, and is capable of performing the functions which manual pipette can’t achieve, such as multiple dispensation and measurement of liquid with unknown volume, making it an ideal pipette in the laboratory. It is easy to operate, with the ergonomic design and a flexible knob to quickly set the pipetting parameters. The 1.44-inch color screen clearly displays all kinds of pipetting information. Various pipetting combination modes can be quickly changed by the simplified menu and the adjustment knob.
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OSE-EP-01 1 Set
OSE-EP-02 1 Set
OSE-EP-03 1 Set
OSE-EP-04 1 Set
OSE-EP-05 1 Set

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Introduction of Basic Functions Introduction of Basic Functions

Introduction of Basic Functions

Introduction of Basic Functions


■ High accuracy: The step motor accurately controls the piston stroke. The piston has passed the infrared inspection to ensure the consistent precision. ■ Stable and reliable: Automatic calibration before pipetting to ensure the reproducibility of the experiments. ■ Powerful functions: Four basic pipetting modes, with adjustment knob, to realize fast and flexible combination pipetting. ■ Comfortable to use: Ergonomically designed handle and finger press, easy to hang on the hand and free from hand strain. ■ Simple operation: Users can quickly master the pipetting skills without the need to select from multi-level menu. ■ Durable: Stainless steel nozzle and other special materials ensure stable and reliable quality.

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