TGuide S32 Magnetic Soil/Stool DNA Kit

The kit adopts a unique buffer system, which can remove humic acid from soil samples as much as possible. The grinding beads supplied in this kit can effectively crush various complex components in the soil sample to ensure the integrity of extracted genomic DNA from the soil. The kit is also suitable for extracting genomic DNA from stool samples. The DNA recovered by the kit has few impurities and good integrity, and can be directly used in downstream molecular biology experiments such as PCR, enzyme digestion, etc.
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4992991 96 preps

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■ Wide application: It is applicable for the extraction of environmental samples such as flowerbed soil, flowerpot soil, farmland soil, forest soil, silt, laterite, black soil, dust and other soil types, and also applicable for the extraction of stool samples. ■ Easy operation: The extraction can be completed in a relatively short time. ■ High purity: Combined with magnetic bead-based purification, the extracted DNA has high purity and can be directly used in downstream experiments.

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