TIANamp Virus RNA Kit

TIANamp Virus RNA Kit provides a fast and convenient method to obtain high-purity viral RNA. It adopts silica membrane technology and Carrier RNA to absorb and extract most virus RNA from different type of sample. Viral RNA purified with this kit is immediately ready for use in downstream detection or other applications.
Cat. no No. of preps
4992286 50 preps

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  1. High yield: Carrier RNA helps to amplify the yield of virus RNA.
  2. High purity: Silica membrane gets rid of most impurities.
  3. Wide use: Suitable for different type of samples.
  4. Fast operation: Virus RNA could be obtained within 1 hour.


Type: Spin column based Sample:  Plasma, serum, cell-free body fluids, etc. Target: Virus RNA. Starting volume: ~140 μl Operation time: ~1 hour Downstream applications: RT-PCR/RT-qPCR, NGS library construction, enzyme reactions, etc.

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