TIANSeq DirectFast Library Kit (illumina)

TIANSeq DirectFast Library Kit (illumina) is the DNA library preparation kit for illumina sequencing platform. The kit adopts a one-step reaction process, which does not need multiple purification steps. The DNA fragmentation, end repair and dA-tailing can be performed in one tube enzymatic reaction. The PCR amplification reagent provided by the kit is also specially optimized to ensure the DNA sequence obtained by amplification has high yield, good fidelity and no base bias.
Cat. No Packing Size
4992259 24 rxn
4992260 96 rxn

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■ Good sequencing uniformity: No base bias of the DNA fragmentation process and PCR amplification process. ■ High library conversion efficiency: the high-efficiency library construction can be ensured for 1 ng DNA samples. ■ Fast operation: The whole library construction process only needs 2.5 hours. ■ Cost-efficient: No special instruments and equipment are needed。


Type: DNA library preparation for illumina high-throughput sequencing platform Sample: Genomic DNA or large fragment DNA Target: Double-stranded DNA Starting sample input: 1 ng- 1 μg Operation time: 2.5 hour Downstream applications: Sequencing on illumina platform

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